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Warehouse & Logistics

Leveraging warehouse automation solutions can help warehouses increase productivity and accuracy, reduce labour costs and improve safety.Automated storage and retrieval solutions make up the bulk of what most people imagine when they think about warehouse automation. Vehicles, cranes and carousels are used to move items throughout the warehouse and store items in warehouse storage locations.Conveyor systems are one of the oldest warehouse automation technologies. Conveyors move materials around or along assembly lines to move inventory to work areas such as packaging and shipping areas or to sorting areas. IDEM manufactures the world’s most comprehensive range of safety rope pulls switches and emergency stops for use on conveyors, including a unique double head version (GLHD) capable of protecting up to 125m on each side.
If you plan to use multiple safety rope pulls or emergency stops on a single system, you may want to consider our new Z-Range technology that will maintain SIL3, PLe when connected in series. This is achieved by using a combination of internal self-monitoring and OSSD outputs. Just look for any part description that has the letter Z after the product name (for example: GLHD-Z).Gate solutions are common practice throughout warehouses and having the machine request or control functions built onto the switch can reduce installation time, wiring, space and production downtime. IDEM offers a choice of gate solutions that are configurable including versions with integrated PROFIsafe and CIP Safety.

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