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UGB-NET is a Heavy-Duty, Type 4 RFID Safety Interlock Switch with Guard Locking. Compatible with PROFINET PROFIsafe or EtherNet/IP CIP Safety Industrial Ethernet Protocols.

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The UGB-NET is an industry leading gate access interlock which combines solenoid lock monitoring, RFID coded Sensor, Integrated machine control functions and integrated industrial ethernet.

The UGB-NET is housed in robust die-cast metal or 316 stainless steel, suitable for use in heavy industries for long term reliability.

Choose between two industry recognised industrial ethernet network protocols: PROFINET with PROFIsafe or EtherNet/IP with CIP Safety.

profinet profisafe ethernet/ip cip safety
Modular safety gate interlock over industrial ethernet

Connectivity made Simple with Industrial Ethernet.

The UGB-NET is easy to connect, install and commission. The data in / data out connectors make daisy chain connectivity simple and intuitive, ideal for long production lines.

Up to four additional M12 plugs can be added to the UGB-NET for connecting field devices such as light curtains, enabling pendants, light towers and much more. This can drastically reduce wiring and installation time making for a more economical solution.

To enquire about this feature, please contact sales@idemsafety.com.

simple connectivity over industrial ethernet with additional inputs outputs for field devices

What you need to consider when ordering a UGB-NET.

The UGB-NET has been designed to be incredibly versatile, ensuring compatibility with most machine guarding applications. Here are some things to consider before ordering your UGB-NET.

What material types best suits your requirements?

The UGB-NET is available in two material types: red painted die cast metal or 316 stainless steel suitable for up to IP69K.

How does your guard door function?

The UGB-NET is compatible with both left- or right-hand opening guards, including hinged and sliding operations.

Is your application full- or part-body access?

The UGB-NET comes with optional rear release functionality, allowing escape from inside the hazardous area in the event of accidental closur

What industrial protocol are you using?

The UGB-NET is available in two industry leading protocols: PROFIsafe and Ethernet I/P CIP Safety.


Why use safety over Industrial Ethernet?

Device Communication via a Single Cable

Industrial Ethernet offers a host of functions on one cable. This creates integration and saves costs by reducing the overhead for cabling and training.

Installation and Maintenance

Accelerates commissioning and provides comprehensive diagnostics, reducing plant downtimes and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Device and Network Dianostics

Extensive diagnostic data can be read out from the devices to locate faults quickly. HTML Websites are used for servicing safety devices – locally and remotely.

Fast Device Replacement

When you replace a device, the I/O controller detects the new device and automatically assigns its name.

The UGB-NET is fully customisable to meet your most demanding requirements.

The UGB-NET’s semi modular design is compact, flexible and ready to take on your most demanding requirements.

Have peace of mind with our robust escape release system for the UGB-NET.

IDEM’s escape release provides possibility to manually release the guard locking from inside the safeguarded area in the event of an emergency. This complies with EN ISO 14119.

The UGB-NET handle accessories are also available in a sliding arrangement.

integrated trapped key functionality for safe operation inside the hazardous area

Ensure Operator Safety Whilst Working Inside a Hazardous Area, with a Coded Release Key.


The UGB-NET incorporates a coded key that can be released once the machine has stopped. Personnel keys are taken inside the hazardous area and can be used to prevent inadvertent start-up of machinery as per ISO 14118.

  • Thousands of key codes available, including unique versions.
  • Clearly labelled with a coloured background and text.
  • Custom labelling available on request.
  • The release key, in conjunction with IDEM’s key operated control switches can be used on the inside of the machine to operate a robot in teach mode. 

Protect Your Emergency Stop Function with a Shroud.


Where the risk assessment identifies that inadvertent operation of the E-Stop button may occur during use or breakage and loss of the button function is foreseen, it may be preferable to specify the protection shroud version.

  • Manufactured from robust 316 stainless steel.
  • Comes with two lock-out-tag-out holes.
Optional emergency stop protection shroud

Compatible with modular machine guarding using a robust, steel bracket. Suitable for use with rear release functionality.

Have piece of mind knowing the UGB-NET is compatible with many guarding types, including modular fencing. This robust bracket is designed to mount directly to the guarding with minimal effort, for quick installation. Before ordering, please contact sales@idemsafety.com for further details.

The World’s First Network Enabled Gate Access Interlock Suitable for IP69K.

The UGB-NET-SS-WR is designed specifically for applications in Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical manufacturing. It is totally unique and is the only product of its kind, bringing the power of Industrial Ethernet to machine guarding in hygienic environments.

The food and beverage sector is one of the largest marketplaces of the 21st century, and IDEM have you covered. From basic safety interlocks and emergency stops to a networked safety device, our specialist products in 316 stainless steel are mirror polished to the highest standard. Our state-of-the-art factory is fully equipped to test products under IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69K conditions.


world's first safety gate interlock over industrial ethernet with ip69k

The mirror polished 316 stainless steel is suitable for strict washdown conditions. The smooth surface reduces the likelihood of bacteria build up and is much easier to clean/sterilize.

Unique silicon covers protect against water ingress up to IP69K. The transparent material gives visibility of the button colour.