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Trapped Key Multi-Key MX Exchange System (Stainless Steel)

The multi-key exchange system is available as panel or box mounted. The barrels are available in mirror polished die-cast metal or 316 stainless steel, suitable for use in extreme environments. The dust cap covers protect against ingress, and features a coloured key code label for easy identification.

The system works by inserting up to 5 keys (depending on your system) and can release up to 15 keys that are used to open access locks.

For more complex systems, the MX system can support up to 5 keys IN, which are transferred from various isolation points or in some cases, used as “authority keys”. This means that all key holders need to be present to release the access lock keys.

The MX panel is purely mechanical and manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel, suitable for high pressure hosing with detergent at high temperatures. The IP69K rating makes the MX panel the perfect choice for applications in food and beverage manufacturing.