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Trapped Key Interlocking Systems (Skorpion Range)

Trapped-key interlocking utilizes locks and keys for sequential control of equipment and machinery to ensure safe operation.

Trapped-key interlocks are widely used to ensure safe access to potentially live or dangerous plant or equipment in an industrial setting. A safe sequence of operations is enabled through transfer of keys that are either trapped or released in a predetermined order.

IDEM trapped key interlocks are robust, reliable and easy to install and maintain. Due to the mechanical nature of trapped key, the need for electrical wiring associated with other types of interlocks in drastically reduced.

The key coding is achieved using a selection of 80 factory stocked codes or, unique coding that can be tracked in-house to prevent unintentional duplication of codes onsite.

Our Range of Robust Trapped Key Interlocking Systems

Robust safety rope pull switches

Isolation, Exchange, Access: Die-Cast Metal

Stainless Steel Safety Rope Switches

Isolation, Exchange, Access: 316 Stainless Steel

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Miniature Valve Interlocks, Die-Cast Metal Barrels

stainless steel emergency stop station button OSSD output LED

Miniature Valve Interlocks, 316 Stainless Steel Barrels