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Trapped Key Exchange System Vertical Mount (Die-Cast)

The vertical key exchange system is used when multiple access points are required to be accessed at the same time or, have different coded access locks. The M-KE is available with 1 Key IN and up to 9 Keys OUT.

The keys that are used for the access locks are trapped until the control switch / isolation key is inserted. Only when the 1st key is turned and trapped, can you release the access keys (up to 9). The M-KE allows for up to 4 keys to be released non-sequentially and the remaining keys sequentially.

How does it work?

Our vertical key exchange is used when multiple access locks need to be opened at the same time. Once the power/control circuit has been isolated, the key can be transferred into the key exchange to release up to 9 keys. Releasing any of the access lock keys will trap the isolator key until all keys have been returned.

Part NumberKey Exchange - Mirror Polished Die-Cast

2 Keys

First Key Trapped
All remaining keys can be released non-sequentially

3 Keys


4 Keys


5 Keys


6 Keys

First Key Trapped
All remaining keys can be released sequentially

7 Keys


8 Keys


9 Keys


10 Keys