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TouchSafe Two Hand Control Run Bar Stations


IDEM’s TouchSafe Two Hand Control panels are designed to provide reliable protection by ensuring the machine operators hands are located on the control station when the signal for machine operation is issued.

TouchSafe Two hand Control stations are generally used for setting up work, such as press applications. Other uses include single stroke operations for feed and removal processes.

  • Robust metal housing painted yellow
  • New ergonomic zero force buttons
  • Simple and quick to set up
  • Up to 5 pilot devices

Mechanical Button

MF (Mechanical Force) buttons use a traditonal method of operation by activating once fully pressed down. The robust design is suitable for frequent long term use. Simple connectivity via an M12 cable.

Zero Force Button

ZF (Zero Force) buttons feature an ergonomic design, reducing the long term stress on the operators arms. The built in bi-colour indication displays: (red – waiting) and (green – activated) Simple connectivity via an M12 cable.

Connectivity Made Simple

The internal PCB features two M12 plugs for connecting your buttons and a pre-wired terminal block for external wiring. This makes for quick installation and reduced downtime.

Control Functionality

Every TouchSafe unit comes with five dia ’ 22.5mm clearance holes. IDEM offers a range of pilot devices suitable for use with TouchSafe. As standard, these will be blanked.

Save space and reduce wiring by installing the SCR-2H directly into the Touchsafe housing.

Mounting the SCR-2H internally is ideal for machines without safety control circuits / electrical cabinets. It is also a great way to save space, combining all connectivity and functions into one robust product.

Part No.Part Description

SCR-2H 24V. ac/dc Supply DIN Rail Mounting 22mm Wide


SCR-2H 110V. ac Supply DIN Rail Mounting 22mm Wide


SCR-2H 230V. ac Supply DIN Rail Mounting 22mm Wide

Choice of pilot devices compatible with TouchSafe.

Emergency Stops

Part NumberPart Description

E-Stop 2NC 30mm Head


E-Stop 1NC + 1NO 30mm Head


E-Stop 2NC 30mm Head with Reset Key


E-Stop 1NC + 1NO 30mm Head with Reset Key

Pilot Devices

Part NumberPart Description

Pilot Device Yellow 24V. ac/dc


Pilot Device Red 24V. ac/dc


Pilot Device Green 24V. ac/dc


Pilot Device Blue 24V. ac/dc

No space to mount the Two-Hand Control?


IDEM’s robust floor mount stand is manufactured from stainless steel, suitable for busy environments that are prone to impacts.


  • Adjustable Height: 830mm to 1150mm
  • Housing: Stainless Steel
  • Floor Mounting Holes: 11mm Diameter (M10 Clearance)
Part NumberPart Description


Adjustable Two-hand Control Floor Mount


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