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Guard Locking RFID Safety Switch with OSSD (KLM-Z)

The KLM-Z guard locking RFID safety interlock with OSSD outputs, features a slimline metal body profile for 50mm frames to enable easy retrofitting to new or existing guards. The robust design allows for a holding force of up to 3000N to keep medium to large guard doors closed until the hazard/s have been removed.

  • Body Material: Die-Cast Metal Painted Red
  • Head Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Ingress Protection: IP67
  • RFID Coding: Unique RFID Coding
  • Safety Configuration: 2 OSSD PNP Outputs and 2 Auxiliary Outputs
  • Holding Force: F1Max 3000N (300Kg)
  • Connection: 3 x M20 or ½” NPT (M12 Quick Connect is Available)
Part No.Part Description
454001AZKLM-Z M20 (manual release lid and side) – Std Actuator
454001HFZKLM-Z M20 (manual release lid and side) – Heavy Duty Actuator
454002AZKLM-Z ½NPT (manual release lid and side) – Std Actuator
454002HFZKLM-Z ½NPT (manual release lid and side) – Heavy Duty Actuator
454003AZKLM-Z QC-M12 (manual release lid and side) – Std Actuator
454003HFZKLM-Z QC-M12 (manual release lid and side) – Heavy Duty Actuator
454301AZKLM-Z M20 (no release) – Std Actuator
454301HFZKLM-Z M20 (no release) – Heavy Duty Actuator
454302AZKLM-Z ½NPT (no release) – Std Actuator
454302HFZKLM-Z ½NPT (no release) – Heavy Duty Actuator
454303AZKLM-Z QC-M12 (no release) – Std Actuator
454303HFZKLM-Z QC-M12 (no release) – Heavy Duty Actuator
454401AZKLM-Z M20 (lid only release) – Std Actuator
454401HFZKLM-Z M20 (lid only release) – Heavy Duty Actuator
454402AZKLM-Z ½NPT (lid only release) – Std Actuator
454402HFZKLM-Z ½NPT (lid only release) – Heavy Duty Actuator
454403AZKLM-Z QC-M12 (lid only release) – Std Actuator
454403HFZKLM-Z QC-M12 (lid only release) – Heavy Duty Actuator

Technical Data
ApprovalsTUV, cULus
Classification and Coding Level according to EN ISO 14119Type 4, High
TechnologyRFID, Power to Unlock
Housing MaterialPainted Die-Cast Metal
Head Material316 Grade Stainless Steel
Supply Voltage24Vdc (+/- 10%) SELV/PELV or Class 2
Power ConsumptionR+ (50mA Max.) / S+ (500mA Max.) (Solenoid)
Safety Circuits2 OSSD PNP Outputs (24Vdc 200mA max. switching)
Auxiliary Circuits (34 & 44)24Vdc 200mA max. Output feed
Rated Insulation Voltage500VAC
Rated Impulse withstand1000VAC
Holding Force (ISO14119)F1Max 3000N Fzh 2307N
Actuator insertion for locking5mm
Sao / Sar (RFID)15mm / 25mm
Operating Frequency1Hz
Actuator entry minimum radius175mm
Enclosure ProtectionIP67
Operating Temperature-25 ... +40 °C
Mechanical Life Expectancy (B10d)2.5 x 10 6 cycles at 100mA load
VibrationIEC68-2-6, 10-55Hz+1Hz Excursion: 0.35mm, 1 octave/min

Characteristic data according to IEC62061 (used as a subsystem)
Safety Integrity LevelSIL 3
PFH (1/h)1.0 E-09 (Corresponds to 1% of SIL3)
PFD (Av.)8.7 E-05 (Corresponds to 9% of SIL3)
Proof Test Interval T120a

Characteristic data according to EN ISO13849-1
Performance Levele
Category Cat 4
MTTFd 771a
Diagnostic Coverage DCHigh

Information with regard to UL Standards
Type 1 enclosure. Use Class 2 power supply or equivalent. Maximum temperature 40°C. Use 16-28AWG copper conductors (rated 90°C). Terminal Torque 6 lb ins. (0.7Nm). Intended for same polarity use. Safety Circuits (11-12 & 21-22) 24V.dc 200mA max. Use one polymeric conduit connection. Not suitable for connection to rigid metal conduit. (Earth bonding terminal inside metal enclosures (if required). Use 16-12AWG conductors)