RFID Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch with OSSD (BMZ:M18)

The BMZ non-contact machine guard safety switch features RFID-coded sensor and OSSD PNP outputs, meeting high-level coding requirements and Type 4 compliance with ISO14119. The M18 barrel is robust and versatile, suitable for installation directly into machine guard frames.

  • Housing/Fixing: M18 Threaded Barrel
  • Contacts: 2 OSSD Outputs (PNP) + 1 Auxiliary Output (PNP)
  • Sensing Distance: 8mm ON / 20mm OFF
  • Connection: Pre-Wired or M12 8-Pole Quick Connect
  • Indication: Three LED’s for Guard, Code, Input and Output Status
  • Switching capability: 0.2A (Requires 24Vdc supply to operate)

NOTE: Supplied with fixing nuts.

Product TypePart No.Part Description
BMZ411101BMZ-U 5M
BMZ411102BMZ-U 10M
BMZ411103BMZ-U QC-M12
BMZ411001BMZ-M 5M
BMZ411002BMZ-M 10M
BMZ411003BMZ-M QC-M12
BMZ411200Replacement Actuator Master Coded

Associated accessories

IDEM’s Z-Range Range Connection Accessories (140210-Z)

M12 Quick Connect Cable 8-Pole 5m / 10m

Viper Safety Relay with Added Diagnostics (SCR-31P-i)