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Panel Mount Trapped Key Power Isolation Switch (SS-ISP)

The SS-ISP is the first stage in the Trapped Key Process and is designed to mount directly to your panel. Turning the key switches the POWER OFF, allowing the key to be removed and transferred to the next stage in your Trapped Key System.

  • Body Material: 316 Grade Stainless Steel Barrel and Mounting Plate
  • Contacts: 4-Pole Capable of Switching 690V at 25A, 40A or 63A
Part No. Part Description
SS-ISP-25 Isolation Switch Panel Mount 25A 4 Pole – Stainless Steel Barrel
SS-ISP-40 Isolation Switch Panel Mount 40A 4 Pole – Stainless Steel Barrel
SS-ISP-63 Isolation Switch Panel Mount 63A 4 Pole – Stainless Steel Barrel
AUX-ISP Optional Extra Contact For Isolator

Key Sold Separately

Technical Data
Barrel Material316 Grade Stainless Steel
Isolator Block SpecificationsSee data sheet or technical drawings
Mechanical Life (B10d)1,000,000 cycles
Ambient temperature-20 ... +40 °C