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Trapped Key Spring Handle Interlock with Single Key and Chain (M-HS-C)

The M-HS Trapped Key Interlock operates by using a spring loaded handle lock mechanism, which is inserted and locked when the key is removed. Inserting and turning the appropriate key unlocks the handle which is connected to a chain, allowing access to the hazardous area.

  • Manufactured from Die-Cast Metal
  • Holding Force up to F1Max 4000N
Part No.Part Description
M-HS-CHandle Interlock with Chain Single Key- Key Trapped – Actuator Released

Key sold separately

Technical Data
MaterialDie-Cast Metal with Stainless Steel Chain
Operating Temperature-25 ... +60 °C
Holding Force4000N. (F1max.) 3076N. (Fzh)
Mechanical Life (B10d)1,000,000 cycles