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Panel Mount Trapped Key Control Isolation Switch (M-CS)

The M-CS is the first stage in the Trapped Key Process and is designed to mount directly to your panel. Turning the key opens the safety contacts, turning the CONTROL CIRCUIT OFF, allowing the key to be removed and transferred to the next stage in your Trapped Key System.

  • Body Material: Die-Cast Metal Barrel and Stainless Steel Mounting Plate
  • Contacts: 4NC + 2NO Monitoring Contact Block
Part NumberPart Description
M-CSPanel Mount Control Circuit Switch
M-CS-RPanel Mount Control Circuit Switch Reverse Key Function

Key sold separately

Technical Data
Enclosure MaterialDie-Cast Barrel / Polyester Enclosure
Safety ContactsUtilization Category AC15 A300 3A. Thermal Current (Ith) 5A
Overload protection fuse (fuse externally)10A. (FF)
Auxiliary Contact24V.ac/dc 0.5A. maximum
Rated Insulation Voltage600VAC
Rated Impulse Withstand Volt2500VAC
Operating Temperature-20 ... +40 °C
Mechanical Life (B10d)1,000,000 cycles

Information with regard to UL Standards
Type 1 enclosure. Maximum temperature 40°C. Use 16-28AWG stranded copper conductors (rated 90°C). Terminal Torque 6 lb ins. (0.7Nm). Intended for same polarity use. A300 Pilot Duty. 240V. 3A. PF 0.38 or greater, tested for 6,000 cycles endurance