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SS-KE Trapped Key Exchange System

The vertical key exchange system is required when multiple access points are present which need to be accessed at the same time. The SS-KE is available with 1 Key IN and up to 5 Keys OUT.

The keys used for the access locks are trapped until the control switch / isolation key is inserted. Only when the 1st key is turned and trapped, can you release the access keys (up to 5). The SS-KE allows for up to 5 keys to be released non-sequentially.

Due to the stainless steel construction, the SS-KE is suitable for use in harsh environments including struct washdown with corrosive chemicals up to IP69K.

Part No.Part Description
SS-KE-NS2Key Exchange – 2 Key – 1st key trapped – 1 key released (Non Sequential)
SS-KE-NS3Key Exchange – 3 Key – 1st key trapped – 2 keys released (Non Sequential)
SS-KE-NS4Key Exchange – 4 Key – 1st key trapped – 3 keys released (Non Sequential)
SS-KE-NS5Key Exchange – 5 Key – 1st key trapped – 4 keys released (Non Sequential)
SS-KE-NS6Key Exchange – 6 Key – 1st key trapped – 5 keys released (Non Sequential)
SS-KE-S6Key Exchange – 6 Key – 1st key trapped – 5 keys released (Sequential)

Technical Data
Material316 Grade Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature-20 ... +60 °C
Mechanical Life (B10d)1,000,000 cycles