Mini Valve Locks in Stainless Steel (1/4″ BSPP FCL / FOP)

IDEM’s miniature valve interlocks ensure controlled and secure operation of process valves with their stainless-steel construction. They are designed to be robust, reliable, and resistant to various environmental factors, providing maintenance-free and tamper-proof performance.

  • Working Temperature: -40c to +170c
  • Pressure Limits: 40 Bar (600 psi)

Note: Freezing of the fluid during installation may severely damage the valve


Product TypePart No.Part Description
Stainless Steel Mini Valve LockSS-MV-FCL-1/4Non Passing Stainless Steel Mini Valve Lock 1/4″ BSPP FCL
Stainless Steel Mini Valve LockSS-MV-FOP-1/4Passing Stainless Steel Mini Valve Lock 1/4″ BSPP FOP

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