Mini Valve Locks (2″ BSPP FCL / FOP in Die Cast)

IDEM’s miniature valve interlocks ensure controlled and secure operation of process valves. They are designed to be robust, reliable, and resistant to various environmental factors, providing maintenance-free and tamper-proof performance.

  • Working Temperature: -40c to +170c
  • Pressure Limits: 40 Bar (600 psi)

Note: Freezing of the fluid during installation may severely damage the valve.

Product TypePart No.Part Description
Die Cast Mini Valve LockM-MV-FCL-2Non-Passing Die Cast Mini Valve Lock 2″ BSPP FCL
Die Cast Mini Valve LockM-MV-FOP-2Passing Die Cast Mini Valve Lock 2″ BSPP FOP

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