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Trapped Key Exchange System Panel Mounted up to 5 IN / 15 OUT (M-MX-P-20)

The multi-key exchange system (MX-P-20) supports up to 5 keys IN and 15 keys OUT (that can be transferred to access locks). The MX panel range is suitable for complex systems that have more than one isolation point or require the use of authority keys. Unused barrels are blanked with a stainless steel cap.

  • Robust Design with Stainless Steel Panel
  • Suitable for Complex Systems
  • Configurable 1-5 Keys IN and 1-15 Keys OUT
  • Large Range of Key Codes Available

Part NumberNote
M-MX-P-20See MX key exchange ordering information document found in the downloads section.

Key's sold separately

Technical Data
Barrel MaterialDie-Cast Aluminum
Mounting Plate Material316 Grade Stainless Steel