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Solenoid Key Release, Pushbutton (M-TS-SR-PB)

The M-TS-SR-PB safety door interlock features a solenoid-controlled key that can only be removed once an unlock signal is present. Turning and removing the key releases the actuator and allows access to the hazardous area. The released key (also known as a personnel key) is taken by the operator to reduce the likelihood of an inadvertent start-up occurring. Only when the key is returned can the gate be locked and reset.

  • Manufactured from Die-Cast Metal with Stainless Steel Head
  • Holding Force up to F1Max 3000N
  • Ingress Protection up to IP67
  • Includes Momentary Pushbutton
Part No.Part Description
820001-PBM-TS-SR, Manual Release, 2NC 2NO (M20) + Push Button
820002-PBM-TS-SR, Manual Release, 3NC 1NO (M20) + Push Button
820301-PBM-TS-SR, No Manual Release, 2NC 2NO (M20) + Push Button
820302-PBM-TS-SR, No Manual Release, 3NC 1NO (M20) + Push Button

Key sold separately
Actuator sold separately
Optional pushbutton (PB) and illuminated emergency stop (ES) available
LED2 Green is an auxiliary indication circuit for optional user use

Technical Data
MaterialDie-Cast Metal with 316 Stainless Steel Head
Operating Temperature-20 ... +40 °C
Holding Force3000N. (F1max.) 2307N. (Fzh)
Mechanical Life (B10d)1,000,000 cycles
Solenoid Voltage24V.dc (+/- 10%)
LED2 voltage24V.dc (+/- 10%)
Conduit exitM20
Enclosure protectionIP67