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Trapped Key Spring Handle Tongue Interlock with Single Key and Lockout Dust Cover (SS-HT-S-LT)

The SS-HT-S-LT is an access control trapped key interlock that operates using a spring-loaded handle lock mechanism. This locking mechanism is activated when the key is removed, securing the hazardous area. Access to the hazardous area is granted by inserting and turning the appropriate key to unlock the handle. To ensure long-term reliability, there is an anti-tamper cam system built into the M-HT interlock.

  • Manufactured from 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Holding Force up to F1Max 3000N
  • Suitable for use in Washdown Environments
  • Comes with Lockout Dust Cover (4 Positions)

Part NumberDescriptionOrientationKey Included
SS-HT-S-L-LTTongue Interlock - Key Trapped - Actuator Released (with Lockout Dust Cover)Left-HandNO
SS-HT-S-R-LTTongue Interlock - Key Trapped - Actuator Released (with Lockout Dust Cover)Right-HandNO

Key sold separately

Technical Data
Material316 Grade Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature-25 ... +60 °C
Holding Force3000N. (F1max.) 2307N. (Fzh)
Mechanical Life (B10d)1,000,000 cycles