Guard Locking Safety Switch Power to Lock up to 3000N (KL3-SS-P2L)

The KL3-SS-P2L guard locking safety interlock features a hygienic, mirror polished 316 stainless steel body and a holding force of up to 3000N to keep medium to large guard doors closed until the hazard/s have been removed.

  • Body Material: Mirror Polished 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Holding Force: F1Max 3000N (300Kg)
  • Actuation: Rotating head for 8 entry positions
  • Ingress Protection: IP69K
  • Conduit: 3 x M20 or ½” NPT (Quick Connect Available)

NOTE: Suitable for Splash Zones in accordance with EHEDG guidelines.

Product TypePart No.Part Description
KL3-SS-P2L205021KL3-SS-P2L- M20 24v
KL3-SS-P2L205021AKL3-SS-P2L M20 24v – std actuator
KL3-SS-P2L205021FKL3-SS-P2L M20 24v – flat actuator
KL3-SS-P2L205021HFKL3-SS-P2L M20 24v – HF actuator
KL3-SS-P2L205021HFHKL3-SS-P2L M20 24v – HFH actuator
KL3-SS-P2L205022KL3-SS-P2L ½NPT 24v
KL3-SS-P2L205022AKL3-SS-P2L ½NPT 24v – std actuator
KL3-SS-P2L205022FKL3-SS-P2L ½NPT 24v – flat actuator
KL3-SS-P2L205022HFKL3-SS-P2L ½NPT 24v – HF Actuator
KL3-SS-P2L205022HFHKL3-SS-P2L ½NPT 24v – HFH Actuator
KL3-SS-P2L205023KL3-SS-P2L QC M23 12way 24v
KL3-SS-P2L205023AKL3-SS-P2L QC M23 12way 24v – std actuator
KL3-SS-P2L205023FKL3-SS-P2L QC M23 12way 24v – flat actuator
KL3-SS-P2L205023HFKL3-SS-P2L QC M23 12way 24v – HF actuator
KL3-SS-P2L205023HFHKL3-SS-P2L QC M23 12way 24v – HFH actuator
KL3-SS-P2L205025AKL3-SS-P2L ½NPT 110v – std actuator

Associated accessories

Gate Bolt for IDEM Locking Switches (GBL-1-SS)

Heavy Duty Flexible Actuator in 316 Stainless Steel (140111)

M20 or 1/2" NPT 316 Stainless Steel Cable Gland