Guard Locking Safety Switch Power to Lock up to 2000N (KLP-P2L)

The KLP-P2L guard locking safety interlock features a slimline plastic body and a holding force of up to 2000N to keep small to medium guard doors closed until hazards have been removed. 24Vdc must be supplied to the solenoid to keep the guard locked.

  • Body Material: High Specification Polyester – Red
  • Head Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Holding Force: F1Max 2000N (200Kg)
  • Actuation: Rotating head for 8 entry positions
  • Ingress Protection: IP67
  • Conduit: 1 x M20 or ½” NPT (Quick Connect Available)


Product TypePart No.Part Description
KLP-P2L201021KLP-P2L M20 24v
KLP-P2L201021AKLP-P2L M20 24v – std actuator
KLP-P2L201021FKLP-P2L M20 24v – flat actuator
KLP-P2L201021HFKLP-P2L M20 24v – HF actuator
KLP-P2L201021HFHKLP-P2L M20 24v – HFH actuator
KLP-P2L201022KLP-P2L ½NPT 24v
KLP-P2L201022AKLP-P2L ½NPT 24v – std actuator
KLP-P2L201022FKLP-P2L ½NPT 24v – flat actuator
KLP-P2L201022HFKLP-P2L ½NPT 24v – HF actuator
KLP-P2L201022HFHKLP-P2L ½NPT 24v – HFH actuator
KLP-P2L201023KLP-P2L QC M23 12way 24v
KLP-P2L201023AKLP-P2L QC M23 12way 24v – std actuator
KLP-P2L201023FKLP-P2L QC M23 12way 24v – flat actuator
KLP-P2L201023HFKLP-P2L QC M23 12way 24v – HF actuator
KLP-P2L201023HFHKLP-P2L QC M23 12way 24v – HFH actuator
KLP-P2L201024KLP-P2L M20 110v
KLP-P2L201024AKLP-P2L M20 110v – std actuator
KLP-P2L201024FKLP-P2L M20 110v – flat actuator
KLP-P2L201024HFKLP-P2L M20 110v – HF actuator
KLP-P2L201024HFHKLP-P2L M20 110v – HFH actuator
KLP-P2L201025KLP-P2L ½ NPT 110v
KLP-P2L201025AKLP-P2L ½ NPT 110v – std actuator
KLP-P2L201025FKLP-P2L ½ NPT 110v – flat actuator
KLP-P2L201025HFKLP-P2L ½ NPT 110v – HF actuator
KLP-P2L201025HFHKLP-P2L ½ NPT 110v – HFH actuator
KLP-P2L201026KLP-P2L QC 110v
KLP-P2L201026AKLP-P2L QC 110v – std actuator
KLP-P2L201026FKLP-P2L QC 110v – flat actuator
KLP-P2L201026HFKLP-P2L QC 110v – HF actuator
KLP-P2L201026HFHKLP-P2L QC 110v – HFH actuator
KLP-P2L201027KLP-P2L M20 230v
KLP-P2L201027AKLP-P2L M20 230v – std actuator
KLP-P2L201027FKLP-P2L M20 230v – flat actuator
KLP-P2L201027HFKLP-P2L M20 230v – HF actuator
KLP-P2L201027HFHKLP-P2L M20 230v – HFH actuator
KLP-P2L201028KLP-P2L ½ NPT 230v
KLP-P2L201028AKLP-P2L ½ NPT 230v – std actuator
KLP-P2L201028FKLP-P2L ½ NPT 230v – flat actuator
KLP-P2L201028HFKLP-P2L ½ NPT 230v – HF actuator
KLP-P2L201028HFHKLP-P2L ½ NPT 230v – HFH actuator
KLP-P2L201029KLP-P2L QC 230v
KLP-P2L201029AKLP-P2L QC 230v – std actuator
KLP-P2L201029FKLP-P2L QC 230v – flat actuator
KLP-P2L201029HFKLP-P2L QC 230v – HF actuator
KLP-P2L201029HFHKLP-P2L QC 230v – HFH actuator

Associated accessories

Gate Bolt for IDEM Locking Switches (GBL-1)

Heavy Duty Flexible Actuator in Die Cast (140110)

M20 or 1/2" NPT Plastic Cable Gland