Compact Tongue Interlock Safety Switch (INCH-3)

The compact body is only 25mm wide with 18mm fixing centres, ideal for restricted spaces. The rotatable head provides up to 8 actuator entry positions. In addition to the INCH-1, the INCH-3 has three M16 conduit entries and 3-Pole contact blocks.

  • Housing/Fixing: Compact, 18mm fixing profile
  • Contacts: 2 N/C + 1 N/O
  • Connection: Wired or M12 Quick Connect

NOTE: Replaceable contact blocks.

Product TypePart No.Part Description
INCH-3223001INCH-3 M16 2NC 1NO
INCH-3223001AINCH-3 M16 2NC 1NO – std actuator
INCH-3223001FINCH-3 M16 2NC 1NO – flat actuator
INCH-3223001PFINCH-3 M16 2NC 1NO – PF actuator
INCH-3223002INCH-3 QC M12 8way 2NC 1NO
INCH-3223002AINCH-3 QC M12 8way 2NC 1NO – std actuator
INCH-3223002FINCH-3 QC M12 8way 2NC 1NO – flat actuator
INCH-3223002PFINCH-3 QC M12 8way 2NC 1NO  – PF actuator

Associated accessories