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Guardian Line Heavy Duty Safety Rope Pull Switches with Indication (GLHL with LED)

The GLHL heavy duty safety rope pull switch has been designed to protect long conveyor lengths, where protection is required up to 125m (using 2 switches) or up to 100m (using 1 switch). The GLHL can be used on its own or in combination with the GLHD to connect up to 125m rope span from the left side.

  • Body Material: Die-Cast Metal; Painted Yellow
  • Ingress Protection: IP67
  • Contacts: 4NC + 2NO
  • LED Voltage: 24Vdc, 110Vac or 230Vac
  • Cable Length (1 Switch): 100m left
  • Cable Length (2 Switches): 125m left
Part No.Part Description
141005-ASGLHL M20 4NC 2NO E-Stop & LED Steady Red & Green 24V
141005-BSGLHL M20 4NC 2NO E Stop & LED 110V Steady Red & Green
141005AGLHL M20 4NC 2NO E Stop & LED 24V
141005A-FZGLHL M20 4NC 2NO E Stop & LED 24V
141005AS-FZGLHL M20 4NC 2NO E-Stop & Steady LED 24V
141005BGLHL M20 4NC 2NO E Stop & LED 110V
141005B-FZGLHL M20 4NC 2NO E Stop & LED 110v/120v
141005CGLHL M20 4NC 2NO E Stop & LED 230V
141005C-FZGLHL M20 4NC 2NO E Stop & LED 230V
141006AGLHL ½NPT 4NC 2NO E Stop & LED 24V
141006A-FZGLHL ½NPT 4NC 2NO E Stop & LED 24V
141006BGLHL ½NPT 4NC 2NO E Stop & LED 110V
141006B-FZGLHL ½NPT 4NC 2NO E Stop & LED 110v/120v
141006CGLHL ½NPT 4NC 2NO E Stop & LED 230V
141006C-FZGLHL ½NPT 4NC 2NO E Stop & LED 230V
141053-ASGLHL M20 4NC 2NO LED 24V – steady red/green
141053AGLHL M20 4NC 2NO LED 24V
141053A-FZGLHL M20 4NC 2NO LED 24V
141053BGLHL M20 4NC 2NO LED 110V
141053B-FZGLHL M20 4NC 2NO LED 110v/120v
141053CGLHL M20 4NC 2NO LED 230V
141053C-FZGLHL M20 4NC 2NO LED 230V
141055AGLHL ½NPT 4NC 2NO LED 24V
141055BGLHL ½NPT 4NC 2NO LED 110V
141055B-FZGLHL ½NPT 4NC 2NO LED 110v/120v
141055CGLHL ½NPT 4NC 2NO LED 230V
141055C-FZGLHL ½NPT 4NC 2NO LED 230V

FZ models for temperatures down to -40°C.

Technical Data
ApprovalsTUV, cULus
TechnologySafety Rope Pull Switch
Housing MaterialYellow Painted Die-Cast Metal
Operating Temperature -25 ... +80 °C (-40C. for -FZ versions)
Enclosure ProtectionIP67
Rope SpansUp to 125m
Rope Type4.0mm Outside Dia. Steel inner-PVC sheath
Mounting4 x M5
Torque settingsMounting M5 4.0 Nm Lid T20 Torx M4 1.5 Nm Terminals 1.0 Nm
Vibration resistance10-500Hz 0.35mm
Shock resistance15g 11ms
Tension Force (typical mid setting)130N
Typical Operating Force (Rope pulled)< 125N. < 300mm Deflection
Safety Contact type IEC 60947-5-1 Double break Type Zb
TerminationClamp up to 2.5 sq. mm conductors
RatingUtilisation Category : AC15
Operational RatingAC15 A300 240V. 3A /120V 6A. ac 24V. 2.5A dc inductive
Thermal Current (Ith)10A
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui)500V
Withstand Voltage (Uimp)2500V
Short Circuit Overload ProtectionFuse Externally 10A. (FF)

Safety Classification and Reliability Data
Mechanical Reliability B10d1.5 x 10 6 operations at 100mA load
ISO 13849-1up to Category 4 with Safety Relay
ISO 13849-1up to PLe depending upon system architecture
EN 62061up to SIL3 depending upon system architecture
Safety Data - Annual Usage8 cycles per hour / 24 hours per day / 365 days MTTFd 214 years

Information with regard to UL 508
Type 1 Enclosures. Temperature rating 80C. Use 16 - 12AWG copper conductors, rated 75ºC only. Intended for same polarity use and one polymeric conduit connection. Electrical Rating: A300 240V.ac 3A. (6,000 cycles) 120V. 60A. Making 6A. Breaking PF >0.38 (100,000 cycles) 240V. 10A. carry only. Wire range: 16AWG – 12AWG Copper Torque 7lb/in (0.8Nm) LED powered by LVLC or Class 2 only. Earth bonding terminal inside enclosure if required.