Rope Kits (Rope Kit ***M Length in Galvanised / Stainless Steel)

An extensive range of accessories are available from IDEM that assist with the installation of the full range of Guardian Line Safety Rope Pull Safety Switches.

ROPE KITS: Rope Kits come complete with Rope (choice of various lengths from 5m up to 126m), Eyebolts (amount depend upon length of rope chosen), IDEM’s patented Tensioner/Gripper and a 4mm Allen Key.

Product TypePart No.Part Description
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140001Rope Kit 5M Galvanised
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140002Rope Kit 10M Galvanised
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140003Rope Kit 15M Galvanised
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140004Rope Kit 20M Galvanised
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140005Rope Kit 30M Galvanised
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140006Rope Kit 50M Galvanised
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140007Rope Kit 80M Galvanised
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140008Rope Kit 100M Galvanised
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140009Rope Kit 126M Galvanised
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140010Rope Kit 5M Stainless Steel
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140011Rope Kit 10M Stainless Steel
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140012Rope Kit 15M Stainless Steel
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140013Rope Kit 20M Stainless Steel
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140014Rope Kit 30M Stainless Steel
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140015Rope Kit 50M Stainless Steel
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140016Rope Kit 80M Stainless Steel
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140017Rope Kit 100M Stainless Steel
ROPE KITS & ACCESSORIES140018Rope Kit 126M Stainless Steel

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