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Rope Kits (Rope Kit ***M Length in Galvanised / Stainless Steel)

An extensive range of accessories are available from IDEM that assist with the installation of the full range of Guardian Line Safety Rope Pull Safety Switches.

ROPE KITS: Rope Kits come complete with Rope (choice of various lengths from 5m up to 126m), Eyebolts (amount depend upon length of rope chosen), IDEM’s patented Tensioner/Gripper and a 4mm Allen Key.

Part No.Part Description
140001Rope Kit 5M Galvanised
140002Rope Kit 10M Galvanised
140003Rope Kit 15M Galvanised
140004Rope Kit 20M Galvanised
140005Rope Kit 30M Galvanised
140006Rope Kit 50M Galvanised
140007Rope Kit 80M Galvanised
140008Rope Kit 100M Galvanised
140009Rope Kit 126M Galvanised
140010Rope Kit 5M Stainless Steel
140011Rope Kit 10M Stainless Steel
140012Rope Kit 15M Stainless Steel
140013Rope Kit 20M Stainless Steel
140014Rope Kit 30M Stainless Steel
140015Rope Kit 50M Stainless Steel
140016Rope Kit 80M Stainless Steel
140017Rope Kit 100M Stainless Steel
140018Rope Kit 126M Stainless Steel