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Flexible Roller Eyebolts (140048 / 140099)

When using rope pull switch systems on conveyors, solid metal eyebolts spaced equally along the conveyor support the rope and create a catenary between eyebolts to deflect the rope during pulling; however, misalignment of the eyebolts along the conveyor can cause friction issues, making the system challenging to operate and potentially resulting in rope damage or wear to breaking point if the switch mechanism cannot be reset due to rope immobility caused by friction.

  • Adjustable mounting positions offer flexibility for adjusting in two planes to accommodate uneven positioning of eyebolts along the conveyor or conveyors with radius profiles.
  • Moveable rollers within the eyebolt structure ensure no loss of movement due to friction when pulled in any direction.
  • The position of the rollers allows 360-degree contact with the rope within the eyelet of the eyebolt.
  • Friction is eliminated because the rotational movement at any point of contact between the rope and a roller.