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Safety Relay Expansion Module with Time Delay (SEU-TD-1)

The SEU-TD-1 is an expansion unit which offers 3 additional time delayed safety output contacts to the SCR-range. You must have a standard SCR relay for this expansion unit to operate.

• Delayed Safety Outputs: 3NC

• Delay Timer (0-30 secs)

• 1NO Auxiliary Contact

• Supply Voltage: 24V ac/dc / 110V ac / 230V ac

Relays180015SEU-TD-1 24V – std screw terminals
Relays180015-PSEU-TD-1 24V – pluggable screw terminals
Relays180016SEU-TD-1 110V – std screw terminals
Relays180016-PSEU-TD-1 110V – pluggable screw terminals
Relays180017SEU-TD-1 230V – std screw terminals
Relays180017-PSEU-TD-1 230V – pluggable screw terminals