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Safety Monitoring Relay with Time Delay (SCR-4-TD)

The SCR-4-TD internal logic uses force guided relays to achieve cross monitoring, ensuring single faults are detected at or before the next demand upon the safety function. The SCR-4 features both standard and delayed outputs in a variety of configurations.

Configurations Available: SCR-4-TD-1 with Instant 3NC and Delayed 1NC / SCR-4-TD-2 with Instant 2NC and Delayed 2NC / SCR-4-TD-3 with Instant 1NC and Delayed 3NC

• Delayed Output Timer (0-30 secs)

• Dual Channel Safety Inputs

• Up to PLe, SIL 3, Category 4

Relays180005SCR-4-TD1 24V – std screw terminals
Relays180005-PSCR-4-TD1 24V – pluggable screw terminals
Relays180006SCR-4-TD2 24V – std screw terminals
Relays180006-PSCR-4-TD2 24V – pluggable screw terminals
Relays180007SCR-4-TD3 24V – std screw terminals
Relays180007-PSCR-4-TD3 24V – pluggable screw terminals