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Safety Monitoring Relay (SCR-3)

The SCR-1 internal logic uses force guided relays to achieve cross monitoring, ensuring single faults are detected at or before the next demand upon the safety function.

• Safety Outputs: 3NC + 1NO

• Dual Channel Safety Inputs

• Choice of 24V ac/dc, 100Vac and 230Vac Supply

Relays180002SCR-3 24V – std screw terminals
Relays180002-PSCR-3 24V – pluggable screw terminals
Relays180003SCR-3 230V – std screw terminals
Relays180003-PSCR-3 230V – pluggable screw terminals
Relays180004SCR-3 110V – std screw terminals
Relays180004-PSCR-3 110V – pluggable screw terminals