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Two-Hand Control Safety Monitoring Relay (SCR-2H)

IDEM’s SCR-2H is a compact, universal 2 hand control safety monitoring relay. It complies with EN574, Type IIIC and is intended for use in safety circuits designed in accordance with EN60204-1.

• Outputs only close when both buttons are pressed

• 2NC Safety Outputs

• Stop Category: 0

• CAT4, SIL3, PLe

Note: It is important to arrange the buttons such that accidental operation or easy bypass cannot be achieved, and in accordance with EN574 and EN999.

Relays180030SCR-2H 24V – std screw terminals
Relays180030-PSCR-2H 24V – pluggable screw terminals
Relays180031SCR-2H 230V – std screw terminals
Relays180031-PSCR-2H 230V – pluggable screw terminals
Relays180032SCR-2H 110V – std screw terminals
Relays180032-PSCR-2H 110V – pluggable screw terminals