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Guard Locking Safety Switch Power to Lock up to 3000N (KLM-P2L)

The KLM-P2L guard locking safety interlock features a slimline die-cast body and a holding force of up to 3000N to keep medium to large guard doors closed until hazards have been removed. 24Vdc must be supplied to the solenoid to keep the guard locked.

  • Body Material: Red Painted Die-Cast
  • Head Material: Optional 316 Stainless Steel
  • Holding Force: F1Max 3000N (300Kg)
  • Actuation: Rotating head for 8 entry positions
  • Ingress Protection: IP67
  • Conduit: 3 x M20 or ½” NPT (Quick Connect Available)
Product TypePart No.Part Description
KLM-P2L202021KLM-P2L M20 24V
KLM-P2L202021-HF-4NCKLM-P2L M20 24V **4NC CONTACTS** – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202021-SSKLM-P2L M20 24V SS head
KLM-P2L202021AKLM-P2L M20 24V – std actuator
KLM-P2L202021A-SSKLM-P2L M20 24V SS head – std actuator
KLM-P2L202021FKLM-P2L M20 24V – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202021F-SSKLM-P2L M20 24V SS head – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202021HFKLM-P2L M20 24V – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202021HF-SSKLM-P2L M20 24V SS head – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202021HFHKLM-P2L M20 24V – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202021HFH-SSKLM-P2L M20 24V SS head – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202022KLM-P2L ½NPT 24V
KLM-P2L202022-SSKLM-P2L ½NPT 24V SS head
KLM-P2L202022AKLM-P2L ½NPT 24V – std actuator
KLM-P2L202022A-SSKLM-P2L ½NPT 24V SS head – std actuator
KLM-P2L202022FKLM-P2L ½NPT 24V – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202022F-SSKLM-P2L ½NPT 24V SS head – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202022HFKLM-P2L ½NPT 24V – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202022HF-SSKLM-P2L ½NPT 24V SS head – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202022HFHKLM-P2L ½NPT 24V – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202022HFH-SSKLM-P2L ½NPT 24V SS head – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202023KLM-P2L QC 24V
KLM-P2L202023-SSKLM-P2L QC 24V SS head
KLM-P2L202023AKLM-P2L QC 24V – std actuator
KLM-P2L202023A-SSKLM-P2L QC 24V SS head – std actuator
KLM-P2L202023FKLM-P2L QC 24V – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202023F-SSKLM-P2L QC 24V SS head – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202023HFKLM-P2L QC 24V – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202023HF-SSKLM-P2L QC 24V SS head – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202023HFHKLM-P2L QC 24V – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202023HFH-SSKLM-P2L QC 24V SS head – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202024KLM-P2L M20 110V
KLM-P2L202024-SSKLM-P2L M20 110V SS Head
KLM-P2L202024AKLM-P2L M20 110V – std actuator
KLM-P2L202024A-SSKLM-P2L M20 110V SS Head – std actuator
KLM-P2L202024FKLM-P2L M20 110V  – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202024F-SSKLM-P2L M20 110V SS Head – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202024HFKLM-P2L M20 110V – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202024HF-SSKLM-P2L M20 110V SS Head – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202024HFHKLM-P2L M20 110V – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202024HFH-SSKLM-P2L M20 110V SS Head – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202025KLM-P2L ½ NPT 110V
KLM-P2L202025-SSKLM-P2L ½ NPT 110V SS Head
KLM-P2L202025AKLM-P2L ½ NPT 110V – std actuator
KLM-P2L202025A-SSKLM-P2L ½ NPT 110V SS Head – std actuator
KLM-P2L202025FKLM-P2L ½ NPT 110V – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202025F-SSKLM-P2L ½ NPT 110V SS Head – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202025HFKLM-P2L ½ NPT 110V – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202025HF-SSKLM-P2L ½ NPT 110V SS Head – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202025HFHKLM-P2L ½ NPT 110V – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202025HFH-SSKLM-P2L ½ NPT 110V SS Head – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202026KLM-P2L QC 110V
KLM-P2L202026-SSKLM-P2L QC 110V SS Head
KLM-P2L202026AKLM-P2L QC 110V – std actuator
KLM-P2L202026A-SSKLM-P2L QC 110V SS Head – std actuator
KLM-P2L202026FKLM-P2L QC 110V – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202026F-SSKLM-P2L QC 110V SS Head – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202026HFKLM-P2L QC 110V – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202026HF-SSKLM-P2L QC 110V SS Head – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202026HFHKLM-P2L QC 110V – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202026HFH-SSKLM-P2L QC 110V SS Head – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202027KLM-P2L M20 230V
KLM-P2L202027-SSKLM-P2L M20 230V SS Head
KLM-P2L202027AKLM-P2L M20 230V – std actuator
KLM-P2L202027A-SSKLM-P2L M20 230V SS Head – std actuator
KLM-P2L202027FKLM-P2L M20 230V – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202027F-SSKLM-P2L M20 230V SS Head – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202027HFKLM-P2L M20 230V – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202027HF-SSKLM-P2L M20 230V SS Head – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202027HFHKLM-P2L M20 230V – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202027HFH-SSKLM-P2L M20 230V SS Head – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202028KLM-P2L ½”NPT 230V
KLM-P2L202028-SSKLM-P2L ½”NPT 230V SS Head
KLM-P2L202028AKLM-P2L ½”NPT 230V – std actuator
KLM-P2L202028A-SSKLM-P2L ½”NPT 230V SS Head – std actuator
KLM-P2L202028FKLM-P2L ½”NPT 230V – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202028F-SSKLM-P2L ½”NPT 230V SS Head – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202028HFKLM-P2L ½”NPT 230V – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202028HF-SSKLM-P2L ½”NPT 230V SS Head – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202028HFHKLM-P2L ½”NPT 230V – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202028HFH-SSKLM-P2L ½”NPT 230V SS Head – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202029KLM-P2L QC 230V
KLM-P2L202029-SSKLM-P2L QC 230V SS Head
KLM-P2L202029AKLM-P2L QC 230V – std actuator
KLM-P2L202029A-SSKLM-P2L QC 230V SS Head – std actuator
KLM-P2L202029FKLM-P2L QC 230V – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202029F-SSKLM-P2L QC 230V SS Head – flat actuator
KLM-P2L202029HFKLM-P2L QC 230V – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202029HF-SSKLM-P2L QC 230V SS Head – HF actuator
KLM-P2L202029HFHKLM-P2L QC 230V – HFH actuator
KLM-P2L202029HFH-SSKLM-P2L QC 230V SS Head – HFH actuator

Technical Data
TechnologyPower to Lock
Housing MaterialPainted Die-Cast Metal
Head MaterialPainted Die-Cast Metal or 316 Grade Stainless Steel
Solenoid Voltage24V ac/dc (12W.)
Safety Contacts 11/12 21/22 33/34 Utilization Category AC15 A300 3A. Thermal Current (Ith) 5A
Overload protection fuse (fuse externally)10A. (FF)
Auxiliary Contact 43/44230V.ac/dc 0.5A. Maximum
Rated Insulation Voltage600VAC
Rated Impulse Withstand Volt2500VAC
Travel for Positive Opening 10mm
Approach Speed200mm/m. to 1000mm/s
Man. Actuation Frequency2 cycle/sec
Actuator entry minimum radius175mm Standard 100mm Flexible
Enclosure ProtectionIP67
Operating Temperature-25 ... +40 °C
Holding ForceF1Max: 3000N. Fzh: 2307N
VibrationIEC 68-2-6, 10-55Hz+1Hz, Excursion: 0.35mm, 1 octave/min
Conduit EntryM20 or 1/2" NPT
Fixing4 x M5

Safety Classification and Reliability Data
Mechanical Reliability B10d2.5 x 106 operations at 100mA load
ISO 13849-1up to PLe / Cat.4 depending upon system architecture
EN 62061up to SIL3 depending upon system architecture
Safety Data - Annual Usage8 cycles per hour / 24 hours per day / 365 days
PFHd3.44 x 10-8
Proof Test Interval (Life)35 years
MTTFd356 years

Information with regard to UL Standards
Type 1 enclosure. Maximum temperature 40°C. Use 16-28AWG stranded copper conductors (rated 90°C). Terminal Torque 6 lb ins. (0.7Nm). Intended for same polarity use. A300 Pilot Duty. 240V. 3A. PF 0.38 or greater, tested for 6,000 cycles endurance Use one polymeric conduit connection. Not suitable for connection to rigid metal conduit.