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Gate Bolt for IDEM Locking Switches (GBL-1-SS)

The GBL-1-SS and GBA-1-SS Steel Gate Bolts are manufactured in Stainless Steel and provide shearing forces up to 10,000 N (F1Max) on large, hinged doors. Easy to install on hinged or sliding guards using 4 x M6 Mounting Bolts. Once installed, there is no need for extra brackets or door handles making them not susceptible to misalignment damage.

Operators are required to manually close the guard; they cannot close accidentally. A padlock hole is provided as a means of locking open the handle to prevent the guard from being closed and the machine started during maintenance.

  • Manufactured from 316 stainless steel
  • Suitable for IP69K requirements
  • Supplied with Handle and Flat Actuator (Type F)

Part NumberPart DescriptionMaterialOrientation
211001GBL-1-SS Stainless Steel Gate Bolt Locking Switch Left Hand316 Grade Stainless SteelLeft-Hand
211002GBL-1-SS Stainless Steel Gate Bolt Locking Switch Right Hand316 Grade Stainless SteelRight-Hand

Technical Data
Body Material316 Grade Stainless Steel
Rear Release CompatibleYes (use part no. 211005)
Compatible DevicesKL3-SS, KL4-SS