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Standalone Coded Non-Contact Safety Switch (PSA)

The PSA safety switch is a standalone, non-contact device with self-monitoring, force-guided mechanical contacts that maintains high functional safety levels even when connected in series, and it can be installed on guard doors without the need for additional safety monitoring equipment.

  • Material: High Specification Polyester
  • Safety Outputs: 2 (1 Force Guided)
  • Ingress Protection: IP67
  • Connection: Pre-Wired or M12 8 Pole Quick Connect (QC)


Part NumberDescriptionSafety Output 1Safety Output 2AuxiliaryReset ModeConnectivity
117002PSA Plastic 5M1 (Force Guided Relay)11Automatic or Manual5M Pre-Wired
117003PSA Plastic 10M1 (Force Guided Relay)11Automatic or Manual10M Pre-Wired
117004PSA QC-M12 8way Automatic Start1 (Force Guided Relay)11Automatic250mm Pigtail M12-QC 8way
117005PSA QC-M12 8way Manual Start1 (Force Guided Relay)11Manual250mm Pigtail M12-QC 8way

Technical Data
ApprovalsTUV, cULus
Coding Level according to EN ISO 14119Low
TechnologyCoded Magnetic, Hall effect
Housing MaterialRed, Polyester
Power Supply24Vdc +/-10% (Consumption 150mA max.)
NC Safety Output Max.Rating240Vac/24Vdc 3A* ac/dc (*Max. current for QC is 2A)
NO Auxiliary Output Max.Rating24Vdc 0.5A
Recommended Setting Gap5mm
Switching DistanceSao 10mm Close / Sar 25mm Open
Tolerance to Misalignment5mm in any direction from 5mm setting gap
Approach Speed600mm/m to 1000mm/s
Temperature-25 ... +45 °C
CablePVC 10 core 7mm OD

Characteristic Data according to IEC62061 (used as a sub system)
Safety Integrity LevelSIL3
PFH (1/h)3.95E-10Corresponds to 4.0% of SIL3
PFD3.46E-05Corresponds to 3.5% of SIL3
Proof Test Interval T120a

Characteristic Data according to EN ISO13849-1
Performance Levele
Diagnostic Coverage DC99% (high)

Information with regard to UL 508
Type 1 Enclosures.
Maximum Temperature 45C
NC Maximum Output 24Vdc 3A
NO Maximum output 24V.dc 0.5A.
Use Class 2 Supply or equivalent