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Non-Contact RFID Safety Interlock Switch with OSSD (MPZ)

  • High specification polyester housing
  • RFID coding is available in universal (any) or unique
  • Fulfils the requirements of Type 4 High Level Coding in accordance with EN ISO 14119
  • 3 Highly visible LED indicators for device status
  • Connects up to 30 Units – CAT4, SIL3, PLe
  • Industry standard, 22mm fixings

The MPZ is a compact and versatile RFID safety switch suitable for monitoring doors, gates and other moveable safeguards which demand a high degree of manipulation protection.

The integrated OSSD outputs are suitable for series connection up to 30 sensors, maintaining up to CAT4, SIL3, PLe in accordance with the latest international safety standards.

Part No.DescriptionSafetyAuxiliaryConnectivity
417002MPZ-A 24Vdc Any Code 5m Cable (Actuator Inc.)2 OSSD1NO5M Pre-Wired
417003MPZ-A 24Vdc Any Code 10m Cable (Actuator Inc.)2 OSSD1NO10M Pre-Wired
417004MPZ-A 24Vdc Any Code M12 8way (Actuator Inc.)2 OSSD1NO250mm Pigtail 8way M12-QC
417102MPZ-U 24Vdc Unique Code 5m Cable (Actuator Inc.)2 OSSD1NO5M Pre-Wired
417103MPZ-U 24Vdc Unique Code 10m Cable (Actuator Inc.)2 OSSD1NO10M Pre-Wired
417104MPZ-U 24Vdc Unique Code M12 8way (Actuator Inc.)2 OSSD1NO250mm Pigtail 8way M12-QC

Technical Data
ApprovalsTUV (pending), cULus
Coding Level according to EN ISO 14119A = Low / U = High
Housing MaterialRed, Polyester
Safety Channels 2 OSSD PNP Outputs
Auxiliary Indication1 PNP Output
Switching DistanceSao 10mm / Sar 25mm
Tolerance to Misalignment5mm in any Direction from 5mm Setting Gap
Indication3 Bi-Colour LED's (See Technical Drawing)
Connectivity5m, 10m, M12 QC
IP RatingIP67
Ambient Temperature-25 ... +55 °C
Storage Temperature-25 ... +80 °C
Rated Operating Voltage24 Vdc -15% +10% (Use SELV/PELV)
Power Consumption0.7 W
Output Rated Voltage24 Vdc
Outputs Max. Current200mA
Outputs Min. Current1 mA
Inputs Rated Voltage24 Vdc
Inputs Rated Current2 mA
Auxiliary Signaling Output Rated Voltage24 Vdc
Auxiliary Signaling Output Max. Current0.2 A
Response Time Guard Open60ms max.
Response Time Inputs Off20ms max.

Characteristic Data according to IEC62061 (used as a sub system)
Safety Integrity LevelSIL3
PFH (1/h) 1.0 E-09 (Corresponds to 1% of SIL3)
PFD8.8 E-05 (Corresponds to 9% of SIL3)
Proof Test Interval T1 20a

Characteristic Data according to EN ISO13849-1
Performance Levele
Diagnostic Coverage DCHigh

Information with regard to UL 508
EnclosureType 1
Maximum Temperature+50 °C
Maximum Output24V.dc 100mA
Powered by Class 2 or equivalent.