RFID Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch (LMF)

The LMF is an machine guard safety switch that uses RFID technology to detect the presence of a guard and ensure safe operation of machinery. The rectangular design features a low profile, industry standard mounting arrangement that is robust and resistant to chemical cleaning.

  • Housing/Fixing: Narrow design for flush mounting
  • Contacts: 2 N/C + 1 N/O
  • Sensing Distance: 8mm ON / 20mm OFF
  • Connection: Pre-Wired or M12 8-Pole Quick Connect
  • Indication: Single LED for Guard and RFID Code Status
  • Switching capability: 0.2A (Requires 24Vdc supply to operate)


Product TypePart No.Part Description
LMF406002LMF Unique 5M
LMF406003LMF Unique 10M
LMF406004LMF Unique QC M12
LMF406102LMF Master 5M
LMF406103LMF Master 10M
LMF406104LMF Master QC M12
LMF406201Replacement Actuator Master Coded

Associated accessories

IDEM’s Coded and RFID Safety Switch Connection Accessories (140210 Connection Block)

M12 Quick Connect Cable 8-Pole 5m / 10m

Viper Safety Relay with Added Diagnostics (SCR-31-i)