Gate Bolt for Non-Contact Safety Interlocks (GBN-3)

The GBN-3 gate bolt features instant unlocking from inside the guarded area, which is held by springs only. When re-start is required, deliberate re-closing is necessary and the instant rear escape release mechanism allows operators to quickly exit the hazardous area. This feature eliminates the need for tools or keys to allow for instant rear escape in case of emergency.

  • Left- or right-hand versions
  • Padlock holes provided on the handle

Suitable for use with SPR, SMR, SMR-H, LPR, LMR, SPC, SMC, SMC-H, LPC, LMC, LPF, SPF, LPZ, LMZ

Part NumberPart DescriptionMaterialOperation
210060GBN-3 (Gate Bolt, Non-Contact) RightPainted MetalRight-Hand
210061GBN-3 (Gate Bolt, Non-Contact) LeftPainted MetalLeft-Hand

Associated accessories

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