Leading Manufacturer of Safety Interlock Switches and Machine Guard Safety Switch Devices for Automation and Process Safety

Magnetic Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch (SMR)

HYGIEMAG are non-contact, magnetic safety switches designed for use on machinery and equipment to ensure the safety of the operators and prevent accidents. They are housed in a robust, 316 stainless steel and tested to IP69K, suitable for washdown applications.

  • Housing/Fixing: Industry Standard, 22mm Fixing
  • Contacts: Up to 2 N/C + 1 N/O
  • Sensing Distance: Wide 12mm operation
  • Connection: Pre-Wired or M12 8-Pole Quick Connect
  • Switching capability: 1A ac/dc
Part Number Part Description Safety Auxiliary Connection
139009 SMR 2M ‘2NC’ 2NC 0 2M PRE-WIRED
139010 SMR 5M ‘2NC’ 2NC 0 5M PRE-WIRED
139011 SMR 10M ‘2NC’ 2NC 0 10M PRE-WIRED
139012 SMR QC M12 8way ‘2NC’ 2NC 0 250mm Leaded M12 8way
139013 SMR 2M ‘2NC 1NO’ 2NC 1NO 2M PRE-WIRED
139014 SMR 5M ‘2NC 1NO’ 2NC 1NO 5M PRE-WIRED
139015 SMR 10M ‘2NC 1NO’ 2NC 1NO 10M PRE-WIRED
139016 SMR QC M12 8way ‘2NC 1NO’ 2NC 1NO 250mm Leaded M12 8way
139017 SMR 2M ‘1NC’ 1NC 0 2M PRE-WIRED
139018 SMR 5M ‘1NC’ 1NC 0 5M PRE-WIRED
139019 SMR 10M ‘1NC’ 1NC 0 10M PRE-WIRED
139020 SMR QC M12 8way ‘1NC’ 1NC 0 250mm Leaded M12 8way
139021 SMR 2M ‘1NC 1NO’ 1NC 1NO 2M PRE-WIRED
139022 SMR 5M ‘1NC 1NO’ 1NC 1NO 5M PRE-WIRED
139023 SMR 10M ‘1NC 1NO’ 1NC 1NO 10M PRE-WIRED
139024 SMR QC M12 8way ‘1NC 1NO’ 1NC 1NO 250mm Leaded M12 8way
139031 SMR 2M ‘3NC’ 3NC 0 2M PRE-WIRED
139032 SMR 5M ‘3NC’ 3NC 0 5M PRE-WIRED
139033 SMR 10M ‘3NC’ 3NC 0 10M PRE-WIRED
139034 SMR QC M12 8way ‘3NC’ 3NC 0 250mm Leaded M12 8way

Suitable for Splash Zones in accordance with EHEDG guidelines.

Technical Data
CertificatesTUV, cULus
Coding Level according to EN ISO 14119Coding Level according to EN ISO 14119
Housing Material316 Grade Stainless Steel
Normally Closed ContactsUp to 2 N/C Safety (When the Guard is Closed)
Normally Open ContactsUp to 1 N/O Auxiliary (When the Guard is Closed)
Contact Release Time<2ms
Tolerance to Misalignment5mm in any direction from 5mm setting gap
Connectivity2m, 5m, 10m, M12 QC
IP RatingIP67, IP69K (QC versions IP67 at the connector)
Ambient Temperature-25 ... +105 °C
Switching Current, Minimum10V. Dc 1mA
Switching Voltage, Maximum (2NC)240V.ac / 24V.dc 1.0A. max. Fuse externally 0.8(F)
Auxiliary Circuits (NO)24V.ac/dc 0.2A. max.
Switching Frequency1.0Hz max.
Approach Speed200mm/m. to 1000mm/s
Cable PVC 6.0mm OD Conductors 0.25 sq.mm

Safety Classification and Reliability Data
ISO 13849-1Up to PLe Category 4 (if both channels are used with a PLe control device)
B10d3,300,000 cycles at 100mA load
Usage8 cycles/hour 24 hours/365 days per year MTTFd is 470 years