Magnetic Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch (CMR-F)

HYGIEMAG are non-contact, magnetic safety switches designed for use on machinery and equipment to ensure the safety of the operators and prevent accidents. They are housed in a robust, 316 stainless steel and tested to IP69K, suitable for washdown applications.

  • Housing/Fixing: Hygienic mounting, slim line body
  • Contacts: Up to 2 N/C + 1 N/O
  • Sensing Distance: Wide 12mm operation
  • Connection: Pre-Wired or M12 8-Pole Quick Connect
  • Switching capability: 1A or (Heavy Duty 2A ac/dc)

NOTE: Suitable for Direct Contact Zones in accordance with EHEDG guidelines. Suitable for CIP / SIP cleaning with mounting holes at the rear thereby not creating food traps.

135017CMR-F 2M ‘2NC’2NC02M PRE-WIREDQuantity:
135018CMR-F 5M ‘2NC’2NC05M PRE-WIREDQuantity:
135019CMR-F 10M ‘2NC’2NC010M PRE-WIREDQuantity:
135020CMR-F QC M12 8way ‘2NC’2NC0250mm Leaded M12 8wayQuantity:
135021CMR-F 2M ‘2NC 1NO’2NC1NO2M PRE-WIREDQuantity:
135022CMR-F 5M ‘2NC 1NO’2NC1NO5M PRE-WIREDQuantity:
135023CMR-F 10M ‘2NC 1NO’2NC1NO10M PRE-WIREDQuantity:
135024CMR-F QC M12 8way ‘2NC 1NO’2NC1NO250mm Leaded M12 8wayQuantity:
135025CMR-F Heavy Duty 2M ‘1NC’1NC02M PRE-WIREDQuantity:
135026CMR-F Heavy Duty 5M ‘1NC’1NC05M PRE-WIREDQuantity:
135027CMR-F Heavy Duty 10M ‘1NC’1NC010M PRE-WIREDQuantity:
135028CMR-F Heavy Duty QC M12 8way ‘1NC’1NC0250mm Leaded M12 8wayQuantity:
135029CMR-F Heavy Duty 2M ‘1NC 1NO’1NC1NO2M PRE-WIREDQuantity:
135030CMR-F Heavy Duty 5M ‘1NC 1NO’1NC1NO5M PRE-WIREDQuantity:
135031CMR-F Heavy Duty 10M ‘1NC 1NO’1NC1NO10M PRE-WIREDQuantity:
135032CMR-F Heavy Duty QC M12 8way ‘1NC 1NO’1NC1NO250mm Leaded M12 8wayQuantity:
135131CMR-F 2M ‘3NC’3NC02M PRE-WIREDQuantity:
135132CMR-F 5M ‘3NC’3NC05M PRE-WIREDQuantity:
135133CMR-F 10M ‘3NC’3NC010M PRE-WIREDQuantity:
135134CMR-F QC M12 8way ‘3NC’3NC0250mm Leaded M12 8wayQuantity:

Associated accessories

C-Series Non-Contact Spacer

IDEM’s Magnetic Safety Switch Connection Accessories (140213 Connection Block)

M12 Quick Connect Cable 8-Pole 5m / 10m

Viper Safety Relay with Added Diagnostics (SCR-31-i)