Magnetic Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch (RPR: M30)

IDEMAG are non-contact, magnetic safety switches designed for use on machinery and equipment to ensure the safety of the operators and prevent accidents.

  • Housing/Fixing: M30 Threaded Barrel
  • Contacts: Up to 2 N/C + 1 N/O
  • Sensing Distance: Wide 10mm operation
  • Connection: Pre-Wired or M12 8-Pole Quick Connect
  • Switching capability: 0.5A ac/dc

NOTE: Supplied with fixing nuts

Product TypePart No.Part Description
RPR116009RPR 2M 2NC
RPR116010RPR 5M 2NC
RPR116011RPR 10M 2NC
RPR116012RPR QC M12 8way 2NC
RPR116013RPR 2M 2NC 1NO
RPR116014RPR 5M 2NC 1NO
RPR116015RPR 10M 2NC 1NO
RPR116016RPR QC M12 8way 2NC 1NO

Associated accessories

M12 Quick Connect Cable 8-Pole 5m / 10m

Magnetic Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch (RMR: M30)

Viper Safety Relay with Added Diagnostics (SCR-31-i)