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Magnetic Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch (CPR)

IDEMAG are non-contact, magnetic safety switches designed for use on machinery and equipment to ensure the safety of the operators and prevent accidents. The CPR has a slim line profile suitable for installation on narrow guard frames.

  • Industry Standard, Slim Line Housing
  • Contact Configuration up to 2 N/C + 1 N/O
  • Wide 12mm Operation
  • Connection via Pre-Wired Cable or M12 Quick Connect
  • 1A or (High Power 2A ac/dc) Switch Capacity
Part NumberPart DescriptionSafetyAuxiliaryConnection
113001CPR 2M ‘2NC’2NC02M PRE-WIRED
113002CPR 5M ‘2NC’2NC05M PRE-WIRED
113003CPR 10M ‘2NC’2NC010M PRE-WIRED
113004CPR QC M12 8way ‘2NC’2NC0250mm Leaded M12 8way
113007CPR 10M ‘2NC 1NO’2NC1NO10M PRE-WIRED
113008CPR QC M12 8way ‘2NC 1NO’2NC1NO250mm Leaded M12 8way
113009CPR Heavy Duty 2M ‘1NC’1NC02M PRE-WIRED
113010CPR Heavy Duty 5M ‘1NC’1NC05M PRE-WIRED
113011CPR Heavy Duty 10M ‘1NC’1NC010M PRE-WIRED
113012CPR Heavy Duty QC M12 8way ‘1NC’1NC0250mm Leaded M12 8way
113013CPR Heavy Duty 2M ‘1NC 1NO’1NC1NO2M PRE-WIRED
113014CPR Heavy Duty 5M ‘1NC 1NO’1NC1NO5M PRE-WIRED
113015CPR Heavy Duty 10M ‘1NC 1NO’1NC1NO10M PRE-WIRED
113016CPR Heavy Duty QC M12 8way ‘1NC 1NO’1NC1NO250mm Leaded M12 8way

Technical Data
CertificatesTUV, cULus
Coding Level according to EN ISO 14119Low
Housing MaterialRed, Polyester
Normally Closed ContactsUp to 2 N/C Safety (When the Guard is Closed)
Normally Open ContactsUp to 1 N/O Auxiliary (When the Guard is Closed)
Contact Release Time<2ms
Tolerance to Misalignment5mm in any Direction from 5mm Setting Gap
Connectivity2m, 5m, 10m, M12 QC
IP RatingIP67
Ambient Temperature-25 ... +80 °C
Storage Temperature-25 ... +80 °C
Switching Current, Minimum10V. Dc 1mA
Switching Voltage, Maximum (2NC)240V.ac / 24V.dc 1.0A. max. (Fuse externally 0.8A. (F).
Switching Voltage, Maximum (1NC)240V.ac / 24V.dc 2.0A. max. (Fuse externally 1.6A. (F).
Auxiliary Circuits (NO)24V.ac/dc 0.2A. max.
Switching Frequency1.0Hz max.
Approach Speed 200mm/m. to 1000mm/s.
CablePVC 6.0mm OD Conductors 0.25 sq.mm

Safety Classification and Reliability Data
ISO 13849-1Up to PLe Category 4 (if both channels are used with a PLe control device)
B10d3,300,000 cycles at 100mA load
Usage8 cycles/hour 24 hours/365 days per year MTTFd is 470 years