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IDEM’s Coded and RFID Safety Switch Connection Accessories (140210 Connection Block)

  • Connect up to 8 switches in series to one safety controller.
  • Configured for dual circuit to a safety controller.
  • 8 Auxiliary outputs for individual device status
  • LED status of circuits
  • Unused ports can be plugged.
  • Screw clamp terminals.
  • M20 Gland exit (supplied with cable gland).

NOTE: For use with IDEM’s magnetically coded and RFID non-contact safety switches only.

Product TypePart No.Part Description
Connection Box1402108 ports, 8-pin M12 sockets, 24 VDC LED indicator(s)
Patch Cord140201Patch Cord M12 Male to Female 2m
Patch Cord140202Patch Cord M12 Male to Female 5m
Patch Cord140203Patch Cord M12 Male to Female 10m
T-Port140204T-Port M12 Connector
Short Plug140205M12 Short Plug

Technical Data
Port Connection Type8 x 8 Pin M12 Female sockets
Ambient Temperature -20 ... +40 °C
Supply Voltage24V.dc (+/- 10%)
Maximum Current500mA
Body MaterialPolyester
Internal TerminalsScrew type – clamp 16-30AWG conductors
Cable ExitM20 cable gland
Mounting2 x M4 bolts (4.6mm dia. clearance holes)
AccessoryShorting plug for unused ports
IndicationLED 1-8 (Red) Auxiliary indication of switch open

Information with regard to UL 508
EnclosureType 1
Maximum Temperature+40 °C
Maximum Current500mA
Terminals16-30AWG conductors
Terminal Torque6 lb-ins. (0.7Nm)
Powered by Class 2 or equivalent
Polymeric conduit or gland connection only
For use with IDEM (Non-Contact Coded switches only)