Coded Magnetic Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch (WPC)

IDECODE Non-Contact safety interlock switches provide a reliable and convenient safety solution for industrial applications, featuring a solid-state design with high switching reliability, voltage-free safety outputs and magnetically coded actuator.

  • Housing/Fixing: Industry standard, wide body
  • Contacts: Up to 3 N/C or 2 N/C + 1 N/O
  • Sensing Distance: Wide 10mm operation
  • Connection: Pre-Wired or M12 8-Pole Quick Connect
  • Indication: Single Colour LED – Green when door closed
  • Switching capability: 0.2A (Requires 24Vdc supply to operate)

NOTE: LED located on the top of the switch.

Product TypePart No.Part Description
WPC112013WPC 2M 2NC with LED
WPC112014WPC 5M 2NC with LED
WPC112015WPC 10M 2NC with LED
WPC112016WPC QC-M12 8way 2NC with LED
WPC112017WPC 2M 2NC 1NO with LED
WPC112018WPC 5M 2NC 1NO with LED
WPC112019WPC 10M 2NC 1NO with LED
WPC112020WPC QC-M12 8way 2NC 1NO with LED
WPC112105WPC 2M 3NC with LED
WPC112106WPC 5M 3NC with LED
WPC112107WPC 10M 3NC with LED
WPC112108WPC QC-M12 8way 3NC with LED

Associated accessories

IDEM’s Coded and RFID Safety Switch Connection Accessories (140210 Connection Block)

M12 Quick Connect Cable 8-Pole 5m / 10m

Viper Safety Relay with Added Diagnostics (SCR-31-i)

W-Series Non-Contact Spacer