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Rotary Handle and Mounting Plate (UGB-NET-RFH-M)

The UGB-NET-RFH-M rotary handle and mounting plate accessory is manufactured from robust diecast and 316 stainless steel for long term reliability. Available in left- or right-hand orientation for full flexibility when designing and installing your UGB-NET.

  • RFID coded actuator sold separately
  • Rear escape handle sold separately (see accessory tab below the part number table)
  • Suitable for all UGB-NET models
  • Orientation determined by hinge position

Part NumberDescriptionOrientation
527007-LUGB-NET-RFH-M-LH Rotary Handle and Mounting PlateLeft-hand
527007-RUGB-NET-RFH-M-RH Rotary Handle and Mounting PlateRight-Hand

Technical Data
MaterialPainted Die-Cast Aluminum