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MPZ is a Compact RFID Non-Contact Safety Switch with OSSD Outputs for Achieving a High Level of Functional Safety.

MPZ RFID Non-contact Safety Interlock Switch with high coding and ossd outputs for CAT4, SIL3, PLe

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The MPZ is a compact and versatile RFID non-contact safety switch suitable for monitoring doors, gates and other moveable safeguards which demand a high degree of manipulation protection.

The integrated OSSD outputs are suitable for series connection up to 30 sensors, maintaining up to CAT4, SIL3, PLe in accordance with the latest international safety standards.


  • High specification polyester housing
  • RFID coding is available in universal (any) or unique
  • Fulfills the requirements of Type 4 High Level Coding in accordance with ISO 14119:2013
  • 3 Highly visible LED indicators for device status
  • Pre-wired or M12 quick connect
MPZ RFID Non-contact Safety Interlock Switch with flexible actuation provides safe operation on three approach directions

Flexible operation of the RFID Non-Contact Safety Switch and Actuator.

  • The RFID signal is projected on three sides
  • Provides safe operation on five angles, ideal for most guard door applications
MPZ RFID Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch features three high visible LED indicators for advance switch diagnostics

Visible indication on the Non-Contact Safety Switch for easy product diagnosis.

  • Wraparound lens design
  • 3 LED’s display all device statuses clearly
  • Easily fault find with input / output indicators
MPZ RFID Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch has a symmetrical design supporting both left or right cable entry

Versatile Mounting of the RFID Non-Contact Safety Switch via Symmetrical Design.

  • Symmetrical design supports both left- and right-hand cable runs
  • Compact housing with industry standard 22mm fixing holes
MPZ RFID Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch comes with anti-tamper screw covers for extra security

Add Extra Security to Your RFID Non-Contact Interlock Switch Installation.

  • Screw cap covers included with every MPZ purchase
  • provides an extra level of protection against tampering and contaminates

Simplify connectivity using our 8 port Z-range M12 connection block

Our Z-Range products feature OSSD technology, ensuring the MPZ RFID Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switch maintains SIL3/PLe, even when connected in series. The Z-Range M12 connection block features plug and play connectivity which drastically reduces installation time and replacing damaged parts.


  • LED Indication for each port
  • 2 Safety Outputs back to the safety controller
  • 8 auxiliary outputs for external indication
MPZ RFID Safety Interlock Switch integrates onto all machine guard frames

Seamless integration onto machinery

The MPZ is extremely flexible, combining industry leading features in a compact design. Thanks to the symmetrical housing and wraparound LED, a single MPZ part number can support both left- and right-hand guard doors.


  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Cost savings thanks to series connectivity
  • Long product life thanks to robust, high specification polyester housing