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MLZ is the World’s Smallest Type 4 Hygienic Guard Lock with RFID. This Compact Hygienic Safety Interlock Switch is manufactured from mirror polished 316 Stainless Steel and Tested to IP67 and IP69K for Extreme Washdown Environments.

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The MLZ Hygienic RFID Guard Locking Switch is a 30mm-wide Stainless Steel safety interlock switch that houses three entry actuation points.  The device’s super-compact size means it is compatible with the narrowest of machine guard rails and requires no mounting plate, making it simple to install.

With actuation capability on three sides, this small but mighty device is also incredibly versatile making it applicable for a vast range of guarding applications.

Manufactured from mirror-polished 316 Stainless Steel to Ra4 standard, the device’s diminutive size belies its strength and durability. Tested to IP67 and IP69K and suitable for SIP and CIP cleaning, this robust interlock is ideal for outdoor use as well as for strict washdown environments, particularly food contact, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

MLZ Hygienic Guard Safety Interlock with RFID coded actuator in 316 stainless steel
MLZ type 4 RFID hygienic guard lock with compact design

MLZ Guard Locking Safety Switch is small but mighty.

The MLZ is compact, robust and ready to meet your most demanding safety requirements. The 316 stainless steel housing protects the interlock from external impacts, ensuring it is always operational.

Hygienic Safety Interlock with strong holding force up to 4000N

The MLZ features a heavy-duty design for reliable guard locking.

The MLZ boasts a mighty 4000N holding force on 3 entry positions, keeping the guard closed even under heavy load. This robust RFID safety locking switch is suitable for medium- to heavy-duty guard applications.

MLZ Hygienic Guard Safety Interlock with versatile mounting for reliable guard locking

The versatile guard locking function of the MLZ is suitable for all door types.

Featuring a unique RFID coded tongue design, the MLZ can safely operate on 3 entry angles. The unique RFID coding meets the requirements of Type 4, CAT4, SIL3, PLe in accordance with the latest international safety standards.

MLZ Hygienic RFID Guard Safety Interlock with reliable escape release

Have peace of mind with the rear escape functionality.

The MLZ is compatible with an optional rear release mechanism, allowing the operator/s to exit the safeguarded area through a locked access door as described in ISO 14119:2013.

Hygienic Guard Locking with Flexible Actuator for Greater Tolerance to Misalignment

Flexible actuator.

The MLZ’s flexible actuator provides greater tolerance to misalignment. The ball catch is smooth, reducing friction on entry and ensuring a long mechanical life cycle.

Hygienic Safety Interlock with Compact Size Compatitble with 30mm Guard Frames

Seamless integration onto machinery.

The MLZ’s compact design and 3-way head actuation means it can be integrated onto any machine guard door. The flexible actuator and adjustable latch mechanism supports misaligned guards.

Rubber gasket accessory prevents liquid from entering behind the MLZ Safety Interlock Switch, reducing contamination and improving hygiene qualities.

MLZ safety interlock for washdown environments and contamination areas

Combine a silicon gasket to your MLZ install for additional hygiene.  

The MLZ hygienic compression gasket accessory is manufactured from silicon with 316 stainless steel spacers to ensure reliable sealing and prevent unwanted contaminant build up underneath the safety locking switch.

MLZ guard locking device for pressure washing in CIP and SIP applications

Prevent liquid from getting behind the MLZ and remaining.

Silicone’s contamination-resistant properties stem from its inertness, temperature, and UV resistance, water repellency, ease of cleaning, biocompatibility, and minimal leaching. Its flexibility, longevity, and sealant capabilities make it versatile for industries requiring effective contamination prevention.

Make your install easier with our range of handle accessories for the MLZ Hygienic RFID Safety locking device.

The MLZ type 4 RFID safety guard interlock is available with gate bolt handle accessories.

  • Robust design with hygienic 316 stainless steel
  • Easily mount to any guarding profile and machine covers
  • No additional handle necessary
MLZ Type 4 RFID Safety Interlock with Hygienic Design is Compatible with Handle and Mounting Accessories

Sliding handle with lockout tagout holes.

The MLZ sliding handle accessory is manufactured from robust 316 stainless steel. It features an anti-tamper tab that blocks access to the plunger. The handle has compatibility with lockout tagout hasps.

Hinge handle with anti-latching mechanism.

The MLZ hinge handle accessory is manufactured from robust 316 stainless steel. The handle features a patented anti-latching technology that requires a button to be pressed in order to close the guard.