Stainless Steel Safety Limit Switch with Pin Plunger (HLM-SS-PP)

  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel with Mirror Polished Lid
  • Actuation: Pin Plunger
  • Ingress Protection: IP69K

NOTE: Gold plated contacts are available for circuits with low power (5V 5mA).

Product TypePart No.Part Description
HLM-SS175101HLM-SS Pin Plunger M20 2NC 2NO
HLM-SS175102HLM-SS Pin Plunger ½NPT 2NC 2NO
HLM-SS175102-GCHLM-SS Pin Plunger ½NPT 2NC 2NO – Gold Contacts
HLM-SS175103HLM-SS Pin Plunger QC-M23 2NC 2NO
HLM-SS175104HLM-SS Pin Plunger M20 3NC 1NO
HLM-SS175105HLM-SS Pin Plunger ½NPT 3NC 1NO
HLM-SS175106HLM-SS Pin Plunger QC-M23 3NC 1NO
HLM-SS175107HLM-SS Pin Plunger M20 4NC
HLM-SS175108HLM-SS Pin Plunger ½NPT 4NC
HLM-SS175109HLM-SS Pin Plunger QC-M23 4NC
HLM-SS175110HLM-SS Pin Plunger M20 1NC 1NO snap
HLM-SS175111HLM-SS Pin Plunger ½NPT 1NC 1NO snap
HLM-SS175111-GCHLM-SS Pin Plunger ½NPT 1NC 1NO snap c/w gold contacts
HLM-SS175112HLM-SS Pin Plunger QC-M23 1NC 1NO snap
HLM-SS175113HLM-SS Pin Plunger EX 1NC 1NO
HLM-SS175113-5MHLM-SS Pin Plunger EX 1NC 1NO **5M CABLE**
HLM-SS175114HLM-SS Pin Plunger EX 2NC
HLM-SS175115HLM-SS Pin Plunger EX 2NC 2NO

Associated accessories

M20 or 1/2" NPT Plastic Cable Gland