Safety Limit Switches in Plastic with Pin Plunger (LSPS)

  • Material: High Specification Polyester
  • Actuation: Pin Plunger
  • Ingress Protection: IP67

NOTE: Gold plated contacts are available for circuits with low power (5V 5mA).

Product TypePart No.Part Description
LSPS171001LSPS Pin Plunger M20 2NC 1NO
LSPS171002LSPS Pin Plunger ½NPT 2NC 1NO
LSPS171003LSPS Pin Plunger QC 2NC 1NO
LSPS171004LSPS Pin Plunger M20 3NC
LSPS171005LSPS Pin Plunger ½NPT 3NC
LSPS171006LSPS Pin Plunger QC M12 3NC
LSPS171007LSPS Pin Plunger M20 1NC 1NO Snap
LSPS171008LSPS Pin Plunger ½NPT 1NC 1NO Snap
LSPS171009LSPS Pin Plunger QC M12 1NC 1NO Snap

Associated accessories

M20 or 1/2" NPT Plastic Cable Gland