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Safety Limit Switch in Die Cast with Short Roller Lever (HLM-SRL)

The short roller lever limit switches from IDEM Safety are designed to be mounted for position sensing of moving applications e.g., guard doors, conveyors, machine beds, elevators etc. The internal contact block is positively operated to comply with IEC 60947-5-1.

  • Material: Painted Die-Cast Body / Stainless Steel Lever
  • Actuation: Short Roller Lever
  • Ingress Protection: IP67
Part NumberPart Description
174001HLM SRL M20 2NC 2NO
174001-GCHLM SRL M20 2NC 2NO – GOLD Contacts
174002HLM SRL ½NPT 2NC 2NO
174003HLM SRL QC-M23 2NC 2N
174004HLM SRL M20 3NC 1N
174004-GCHLM SRL M20 3NC 1NO – with GOLD contacts
174005HLM SRL ½NPT 3NC 1NO
174006HLM SRL QC-M23 3NC 1NO
174007HLM SRL M20 4NC
174008HLM SRL ½NPT 4NC
174009HLM SRL QC-M23 4NC
174010HLM SRL M20 1NC 1NO Snap
174011HLM SRL ½NPT 1NC 1NO Snap
174012HLM SRL QC-M23 1NC 1NO Snap