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Miniature Safety Limit Switches with Pin Plunger (LSPM/LSMM)

  • Material: LSPM – Polyester / LSMM – Die-Cast Metal
  • Actuation: Pin Plunger
  • Ingress Protection: IP67


Product TypePart No.Part Description
LSPM170001LSPM Pin Plunger Side Cable 2M 2NC 1NO
LSPM170002LSPM Pin Plunger Side Cable 2M 1NC 1NO Snap
LSPM170003LSPM Pin Plunger End Cable 2M 2NC 1NO
LSPM170004LSPM Pin Plunger End cable 2M 1NC 1NO Snap
LSMM172001LSMM Pin Plunger, Side Cable, 2M,2NC 1NO
LSMM172002LSMM Pin Plunger, Side Cable, 2M 1NC 1NO Snap
LSMM172003LSMM Pin Plunger, End Cable, 2M 2NC 1NO
LSMM172004LSMM Pin Plunger, End Cable 2M 1NC 1NO Snap