Two Hand Control Run Bar Stations (TouchSafe)

IDEM’s TouchSafe Two-Hand Control panels are designed to provide reliable protection by ensuring the machine operators hands are located on the control station when the signal for machine operation is issued.

TouchSafe Two-hand Control run bars are generally used for setting-up work, such as press applications. Other uses include single-stroke operations for feed and removal processes.

TouchSafe has been designed in accordance with EN 574.

Product TypePart No.Part Description
Two-Hand Control240000Two Hand Control – Housing Only
Two-Hand Control240001Two Hand Control – Fitted with 2 x ZF Buttons
Two-Hand Control240002Two Hand Control – Fitted with 2 x MF Buttons
Two-Hand Control240021Two Hand Control Button Only – Type ZF Zero Force
Two-Hand Control240022Two Hand Control Button Only – Type MF Mechanical Force
Two-Hand Control240050Adjustable Two Hand Control Floor Mount Stand (Stainless Steel)

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