Hinge Interlock Safety Switch (HC-3)

The HC-3 is a member of the HINGECAM family which is a range of Compact Hinge Safety Interlock switches and has been designed to provide position interlock detection for moving guards.
They are designed to fit to the hinged axis of machine guard doors.

  • Material: Polyester body and Stainless-Steel Head
  • Fixing: 18mm Mounting Holes
  • Contacts: 2 N/C + 1 N/O
  • Connection: 3 x M16 Conduit
  • Hollow and Solid Shafts Available
  • Actuator rotation for positive opening – 7 degrees 0.5Nm


Product TypePart No.Part Description
HC-3194001HC-3 M16 2NC 1NO (shaft dia 10mmx80mm)
HC-3194002HC-3 QC M12 8way  2NC 1NO (shaft dia 10mmx80mm)
HC-3194003HC-3 M16 2NC 1NO (shaft dia 10mmx50mm)
HC-3194004HC-3 QC M12 8way  2NC 1NO (shaft dia 10mmx50mm)
HC-3194005HC-3 M16 2NC 1NO (shaft dia 8mmx60mm)
HC-3194006HC-3 QC M12 8way  2NC 1NO (shaft dia 8mmx60mm)
HC-3194007HC-3 M16 2NC 1NO (shaft hollow dia 16mmx30mm)
HC-3194008HC-3 QC M12 8way  2NC 1NO (shaft hollow dia 16mmx30mm)

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