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Explosion Proof Trapped Key Control Isolation Switch (SS-ISB-CB-EX)

The SS-ISB-CB-EX is the first stage in the Trapped Key Process and is designed to be mounted externally. Turning the key opens the safety contacts, turning the CONTROL CIRCUIT OFF, allowing the key to be removed and transferred to the next stage in your Trapped Key System.

  • Body Material: 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Ingress Protection: IP69K
  • Contacts: 2-Pole or 4-Pole Ex Rated Contact Blocks
  • Zones: 1, 21, 2, 22
  • Ex Marking: Exd IIC T6 (-20 ≤ Ta ≤ +60C) Gb / Ex tb IIIC T85C (-20 ≤ Ta ≤ +60C) Db
Part NumberPart Description
SS-ISB-CB-11-EXControl Switch Box 1NC 1NO EX with 3m Pre-wired Stainless Steel
SS-ISB-CB-20-EXControl Switch Box 2NC EX with 3m Pre-wired Stainless Steel
SS-ISB-CB-22-EXControl Switch Box 2NC 2NO EX with 3m Pre-wired Stainless Steel

Important Note
Comes with 3m of pre-wired cable (longer available on request).
Key sold separately.

Technical Data
Approvals IECEx, cULus on LS-Ex Internal Contact Block
TechnologyTrapped Key Control Switch
Housing Material316 Grade Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature-25 ... +80 °C
Enclosure ProtectionIP67, IP69K (NEMA 6)
Mechanical Life (B10d)1,000,000 cycles
Switching frequency (LS-Ex)1.0 Hz maximum
Mechanical Life Expectancy (LS-Ex)1,000,000 switches
Electrical Life Expectancy (LS-Ex)Tested to 1,000,000 cycles at 24V. 0.2A

Ex Classification
ATEX Zones 1,21,2,22
II 2G Ex mb IIC T6 Gb
II 2D Ex mb IIIC T80C Db