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Replacement Contact Block (4-Pole Side Fixing and Tip)

Replacement 4-Pole contact block for:

  • Rope Switches: GLM, GLS, GLH
  • Emergency Stops: ES-P, ES-SS
Part No.Part Description
1400614-Pole Contact Block 2NC 2NO
1400624-Pole Contact Block 3NC 1NO
1400634-Pole Contact Block 4NC

Technical Data
Safety Contact typeIEC 60947-5-1 Double break Type Zb
TerminationClamp up to 2.5 sq. mm conductors
RatingUtilisation Category : AC15
Operational RatingAC15 A300 240V. 3A /120V 6A. ac
Thermal Current (Ith)10A
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) 500V
Withstand Voltage (Uimp)2500V
Short Circuit Overload ProtectionFuse Externally 10A. (FF)